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I'm your average weirdo, married to the love of my life, with a passion for all things love. We have two dogs, Hank & Finn, who everyone refers to as "the boys." They are the center of our world and definitely our #1 best friends. I have my B.A. in Psychology which in my last year of college, I decided to create my photography business. So, I’m not sure I'll ever actually use my college degree... sorry mom and dad! I found photography kind of by chance, and as fate has it, it's exactly what I didn't know I needed. I LIVE for taking photos of people in love and who the heck doesn’t love a good wedding?!  ​

Raised by my hippy mother and my musician father, I was taught to march to the beat of my own drum but always dance to the beat of others. I love all people and it's been said that i've "never met a person who wasn't my best friend." I fully believe life is all about human connection and that every person has something beautiful to offer to the world. My personal goal in life is to always leave people better than I found them. Photography allows me to do that, over and over again. Memories are what connect us to the past. Our favorite moments are fleeting but I help make them last forever.

I see life like it's a movie (maybe that's why my husband calls me dramatic lol) and I believe in fairy tales. If you've found yourself reading this, chances are, you are in the middle of your very own. I'm honored you are considering me to capture your day and I look forward to witnessing your love story unfold. 

"tell me the story of how you met"

In 2015, Josh and I met the good old fashion way... on Instagram. Technically I found him first. The hot, shirtless guy holding a fish in his profile pic really got me lol. A couple days of liking each other's pictures lead to him sliding into my DM's. I gave him my number, we chatted for a week, and had our first date that next Saturday. Our first date consisted of me driving an hour, at 5:30am, to his town so I could go fishing with someone I had never met in the middle of the ocean. But don't worry. We FaceTimed the night before so I at least knew he wasn't Cat-fishing me. My thought process going into the date was, "if he's awful, at least I will get a good tan." I had zero expectations. I remember getting out of my car and walking up to this big, hunky, 6'4" man and I think my heart fell to the floor. There was an instant connection. It was one of those "you feel like home" moments. I was so nervous! Just as nervous as I was, Josh barely spoke. Our date didn't consist of much talking and we didn't catch a single fish but it was the best day. From that day forward, we were inseparable. Josh and I talk about that day now, almost six years later, and it still seems like yesterday. He told me, that on our second date he was thinking "I am definitely going to fall in love with this girl," not knowing, I was trying to convince myself I wasn't already in love with him. 
Falling in love with Josh was hands down the best time of my life. We were young (22 & 24) and we lived for the next time we could see each other. I have always been a believer in love at first sight, but I NEVER expected it to happen to me. For me, Josh's good looks weren't even what confirmed that for me. It was the soul connection we had to each other. It's almost unexplainable but I wish it for everyone in the world. To be loved, the way Josh loves me, is such a gift. 
Here we are, all this time later, married, trying to figure out what it means to be adults, and the love is even better than it was back then. 


all about Jessie
Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 10.49.22 PM.png

MY FAVORITE THING TO DO: Other than taking photos of people in love, spending the day on the boat with my husband and dogs, aka the boys.

FAVORITE COLOR: Anything muted lol. I love a good muted neutral.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Pay It Forward. Hands down. I saw this movie as a very young girl and I have based my whole life off of its message.

FAVORITE BOOK: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is my favorite easy read. Again, the message is one that everyone should live by. But, my favorite actual read is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It's inspired by the Book of Hosea from the bible and I think I have read it ten times now. 45/10 recommend

FAVORITE FOOD: Mozzarella sticks. 

FAVORITE SONG: The Promise by Sturgill Simpson, our wedding song.

FAVORITE ANIMAL: Dogs, dogs, gimme all of the dogs. *FUN FACT* My husband and I have rescued and fostered over 10 dogs. We are big advocates for the Pit Bull breed. We always fight for the underdog and their breed is so misunderstood.

IF I COULD HAVE ONE WISH IT WOULD BE: For there to be no homeless animals and animal cruelty would stop. I also wish that for humans but if I had to pick peace for animals or humans, I'd pick animals. They are so innocent and give so much unconditional love and I can't say the same for humans lol.

why I became a photographer

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help people. I also loved art, in any form.  I was the little girl who aspired to be a doctor AND an artist. It took me a while to figure out that with photography, I can do both. It's a huge blessing to be able to use my creative eye in my line of work, but it's an even bigger blessing to help people see how beautiful they and their moments truly are. There is nothing I love more than when I hear a client say, "is that really me?!" Yes, it's really you and I am just here to show you how bomb dot com you are! 


what to expect from a session with me

As you can tell from reading my bio, I am 90% silly, 10% serious. But don't get it twisted. I can 100% be serious when the time calls for it. But with that being said, sessions are supposed to be FUN! We aren't supposed to be taking ourselves too seriously. The session is happening, or going to happen, because of a special time in your life that you want captured. SO, we capture it, and we capture the happiness, goofiness, and candidness of it all. But, if you're someone who prefers to be serious, let me know and I will bring the business in the front and leave the party in the back. 

Read this if you're nervous about booking a session

So, you're nervous. I get it. Just because I'm a photographer, does NOT mean I like to be photographed. All the cute pictures you see of me online were a few out of a few hundred. I am not a model, nor do I expect you to be. But what I can tell you is that, it's way less scary or awkward than you're anticipating it to be. If anything is awkward, it's the moment after I try to tell a joke and everyone just laughs because they feel bad. *insert cold sweat and awkward smile* My point is, it's gonna be okay. You just be you, I'll give you all the poses, and it'll be way more fun than you ever thought!

Still not sure? Call me!

It is so important that  you choose the right photographer for YOU. I can't express enough how much I encourage forming more than just a client/photographer based relationship. Although, I am a professional, I am literally just a human with a camera. Do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to make you feel comfortable and answer any and all questions that you may have as well as put to rest any worries.! You can call me, text me, we can set up a FaceTime chat, or we can meet up for coffee! No question is silly. These pictures are life long, and it is so important to me that I get them right!

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